Shoura Foundation

To serve its community, Shoura has extended its social works. These projects cover 7 governorates and has a multitude of social endeavors ranging from health care, tuition payment, and providing employment opportunities to those in need.

Moreover, the company funds yearly pilgrimage trips, and grants financial care to families with an incarcerated household head.

Shoura has also started several initiatives to improve farming in Egypt and has provided training programs to roughly 9500 students and professors in hopes to improve their skills, level of education, and provide employment opportunities.

Shoura Charity

Shoura is proud to have donated to charity (zakat) for more than 20 years. Due to the company’s successful performance, the donations have reached about EGP 8 million per year.

This money has been diversified amongst different projects and charities, some of which are listed below:

The foundation of many charitable educational organizations financially helping:
• over 550 families in need
• about 50 couple a year with their marital expenses
• about 15 mothers a year with their birthing expenses
• in the repayment of debts
• with overdue rents
• with school expenses
• with home renovations
• with food distribution throughout the month of Ramadan
• with hospital renovations
• by offering nursing courses